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Smarter, Seamless Communication

The Push-to-talk Over Cellular technology offers more to your organisation’s communication model

The POC Communication System is a revolutionary advancement which has several advantages over the regular walkie talkie.

With rapid developments in technology, government organisations and corporate bodies all over the world now require even much more from their communication models which the regular walkie talkie is unable to provide and are thus shifting to a more robust system like the POC.

The POC communication system is Internet Enabled, has a larger scope of coverage in comparison to regular walkie talkies and is also multimedia enabled.

It also comes with inbuilt tracking and given the array of features it has the POC Communication system is versatile and can be adapted for most types of communication. It can be deployed as an intercom model, radio model or ever cross-location communications.


  • Internet Enabled
  • GPS location
  • Geo-fencing
  • Voice clarity
  • Longer Distance Coverage
  • Multi-device capable
  • Multimedia Messaging

Use Cases

  • Corporate Communication
  • Traffic Control
  • Security
  • Construction
  • Government Agencies
  • Hospitality
  • Warehousing

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